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  FAQs and Testimonials  

FAQs and Testimonials

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do you get that last little bit out of the tube? Turn it upside down and hit the lid on a counter like a catsup bottle!

It seems a little rich for me. Can I still use it? I usually get this comment from my younger users. My advice is to apply it right after a bath, shower, etc. when the skin is dewy. The creams will glide right on.

How fast will I see results? As a moisturizer, you will see results on dry, crepey skin immediately. As you continue to use it, the aloe vera and herbs will work to heal and rejuvenate the underlying tissue that will become skin in time. the olive oil and little bit of beeswax will stay on the surface to protect the skin against the elements. As the weeks pass, you will definitely see happier, healthier skin!

What if I'm using it to help heal a wound? To heal with minimal scarring, put a dab directly on the cut or scrape and cover with a bandage. Change at least once daily. Don't let the cut form a scab - use the cream to keep the tissue moist. Over time, you'll see the cut heal from the bottom up! The cream's herbal ingredients promote healing.

I haven't used the cream in a few months after opening it and it is starting to smell funny. Is it still good? What you are smelling is the olive oil beginning to go rancid. When working with natural ingredients with minimal chemicals, Nature does its thing. Just like good quality food will break down in time, so will natural creams. It won't hurt you - you could use it up as a foot cream. If you use the cream regularly, you won't have this problem!

Testimonial of the Month:
  I am starting a new project that I'm quite excited about. Become my monthly testimonial and you will receive a free tube of your choice of Wrinkle Warrior or Balm Squad . Your testimonial will appear here! Please email your testimonials to me at Before and after pictures are most welcome! All testimonials will appear on the website! I'm looking forward to reading them.

Dr. Wendy's Wrinkle Warrior  

2nd_med.jpg - 6500 Bytes

Connie: I love Dr. Wendy's Wrinkle Warrior and really miss it when I'm out of it. This product really hydrates my face and neck, making those fine wrinkles essentially disappear!

Carol: I've been using Dr. Wendy's Wrinkle Warrior since she first came out with the product. As a wrinkle cream, I think it is much better than some other more expensive creams I've used from such prestigious stores as Neiman Marcus.

Crista: My skin is always so dry. I used Dr. Wendy's Wrinkle Warrior once and I already can see and feel the difference.

David: I’m outdoors a lot. I find that Dr. Wendy's Wrinkle Warrior seems to plump the skin, softening the wrinkles so that they are less noticeable.

Minnette: As a florist with my hands in and out of water all day long, my hands were always badly chapped – even my knuckles would sometimes crack and bleed. Dr. Wendy's Wrinkle Warrior helped heal and rejuvenate my hands. I’m so pleased.

Christine: First, my sister had endometriosis when she was very young, and had to have a full hysterectomy. She was complaining about facial pimples, so I gave her a tube of your "Wrinkle Warrior" since it helps clear up blemishes for me. She said that it initially did not help, but that after she used it a few times it seemed to be working pretty good for her. She is also taking hormone therapy via a "patch" prescription and she started developing dark brown regions on her face, much like sun damage but larger. She found that the patches were lightened enough (after about 2 weeks of "Wrinkle Warrior" application) that she felt comfortable going without makeup, and when she uses makeup she is able to conceal any spots that have not completely faded.

Dr. Wendy's Sacandaga Balm Squad

3rd_med.jpg - 8460 Bytes

Cheryl: I found your product in the Vermont Country Store catalog this spring and it is wonderful! It was the only cream that would help my psoriasis and I tried everything. Thank you so much for Dr. Wendy's Sacandaga Balm Squad.

Kathryn: I’m a nurse practitioner in Georgia and I’m so glad I’ve found your product. I found that Dr. Wendy's Sacandaga Balm Squad is the best cream for dealing with skin infections. I have an uncommon infection of the eyelid and this cream works better than anything else that I’ve found – either over the counter or prescription.

Keith: I work as a surveyor and am always getting scratches and cuts working in the field. I use Dr. Wendy's Sacandaga Balm Squad twice a day and I can’t believe how quickly my arms heal up. What hadn’t healed in a month cleared up in a few days.

David: Anyone that rides a motorcycle knows what the wind and road grime can do to your skin. Dr. Wendy's Sacandaga Balm Squad helps to keep you from drying up and blowing away. It’s also the best first-aid kit in a tube. Sport bike riders will find that it works for “helmet ears."

Wendy: One of my students came to me with an infection near her belly button where she had been pierced. I put a dab of my Dr. Wendy's Sacandaga Balm Squad on the spot and covered it with a bandage. The very next day, she was so excited - the infection had already started to clear and in a few days, it was hardly noticable.

Doris: Regarding your wonderful, wonderful lotion: it is not only a great lotion for everyday lotion, but is a miracle for me and for my feet. My burning, peeling sore hot feet felt the best they had felt since incurring this irritating condition. I have tried many, many lotions to no avail. I tried your lotion and loved it, yet tested it all summer alternately with other prescription lotions. No comparison your lotion wins hands down. I think everyone should at least try this lotion especially if they have sore feet. And that is why I am going to suggest to my dermatologist to look into Dr. Wendy’s website.

Christine: My dog had to have intravenous fluids and electrolytes for dehydration and a few other problems. The hair had to be shaved off and the skin became crusty and dry after 3 days of being wrapped up while at the vet. I put the Balm Squad on her neck area and the skin became very soft and supple within 24 hours. This helped because she completely stopped scratching the exposed skin area.

Suzanne: Just wanted to let you know that once more your cream has come through for us! Brother, one of our cats, still had skin problems. I had already treated them with Frontline for fleas but he was still scratching and licking so much he had bare places. He's a very emotional cat anyways - very lovey and very testy sometimes. He just was obsessed with cleaning himself.

I had been putting your cream on the bare places only to help those heal, but the other day I started putting some on my hands and rubbed it all through his fur with my fingertips to get it right on the skin, too, all over him and not just the raw places. He is so much better! It just soothed him all over He is much calmer and he's not compulsively licking.

And for me....I used a new cleanser (an Aubrey Organics so I'm surprised, it was just a different formulation than the one I normally use) and I broke out in tiny pimples all over my face, as when I have tried an alpha hydroxy product. Well Jacqueline recommended that I put a lot of "Dr. Wendy's" on and sure enough my skin was cleared up the next morning.

Thank you for a great product!

Dick: Dr. Wendy's Sacandaga Balm Squad has been a miracle cure for our dog's lips. Our poor dog has had chapped lips for years: it really looks painful to me (cracked and dry). We have tried all kinds of stuff, including antibiotic ointments. None of them have helped very much. The cream you sold to my wife, Julie, gave results within days and the problem is, after five years of trying just about everything we could find, just about 100% resolved. On behalf of Arko, our undying thanks.

Anita: I've always been a believer in the natural way. My husband was a doubting-Thomas until now. My colt Buddy was run through a fence. Gaping wound (~5" long) was sewn up and in 2 days he had rubbed it all loose. The torn stitches made it worse. Then I got your Sacandaga Balm Squad and used it twice a day on Buddy. I was really surprised how quickly it began to improve and surprisingly the wound never took on that awful look that bad wounds get. It just looked better every day and although skin where stitched was pretty jagged after it tore out, the skin stayed soft, but never oozy. My husband said Buddy's wound would have healed much better with Balm Squad alone - the stitches were a complete waste of time and money. About 2 months total and even the stitch scars have haired over. The wound scar would not have shown at all had it not been for the stitches torn out. My husband is a believer now.

wound picture
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